I’ve had enough. I can’t keep quiet anymore. I have to put it out there.

I am frustrated. No doubt about it.  But if you were to meet me, you would probably never know it. I present as a calm sort to the outside world …that is, until you get me talking about a certain topic and then it starts. My frustration cycles around inside of me. Around and around it goes. When I get to tell you what is causing it, you’ll probably realize that the very same thing is happening right there, inside of you!

Here’s the thing, the source of my frustration is all around us, all of the time. It shows up everywhere – in books, in magazines, on the television, on Facebook, in the school parking lot and on the playground, at birthday parties, at your dinner table when hosting a nice dinner for the in-laws.  No matter how hard we try there is no escaping the constant barrage of conflicting advice to be found regarding all things PARENTING.  It takes quite a lot to tip me over. My children get it right occasionally but what gets me every time ,without fail, is the high volume of expert advice that is constantly bombarding me wherever I turn. At least every day, no matter how hard I try to avoid it, my eye catches a headline, someone emails me an article,  I hear an expert, I overhear a conversation and the common thread that runs through it all is the theme ‘what is best for children.’ It drives me crazy!

All this frustration has served me well. It has brought me here, to this place where I don’t have to keep quiet about it any longer. I feel that my time to share is now. I didn’t always think that I would want to share it. For the longest time I believed it best to keep it to myself. I didn’t want to add to the many sources bombarding you with suggestions and solutions, what-to-do-when quick fixes (that are sure to backfire sooner than later!)

No, none of that, there are enough Agony Aunts, Dr This and Professor That out there to confuse us silly and whip us all into a frenzy. They get us into a whole lot of parenting trouble and then many have the gall to suggest that they know how to get us out again! So, instead of trying to make you crazy, I have created this blog with the intention of bringing you a little calm, a little reassurance and possibly a new direction or path for your future approach to parenting.

From here on out you can expect a conversation with a difference, quite possibly different to anything you have heard anywhere else… yet at the same time feels eerily familiar. What I have to share will hopefully resonate with your deepest intuition and maybe even free you to  feel as though you are coming home to what feels right to you on the inside, in your heart.

I invite you to come along as I share my journey and encourage you to begin yours.

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