Hope is gone, we drift.

Seeing this graffiti in our neighbourhood really struck me hard. Not because it is vandalism, not because whoever did it defaced another’s property but because the message it conveys is so deep and insightful and so very sad.

Without probably realising it, the ‘artists’ tell us what they want the others to know about them,

Hope is gone.

We drift.

IMG_7352Looking at this dumpster I have to wonder, did one teenager come along and spray,

Hope is gone

and then a different kid came across it and added,

We drift.

Just looking at the different styles and paint colour it sure seems that way. So very sad that one kid feels it, and another reaches out and acknowledges their pain because they feel it in themselves too. They both have something in common, that same sense of being lost, of drifting through, no clear sense of direction, no sense of being understood, no sense of belonging.

It is such vulnerable thing to feel, to be lost, to drift…and to know it.

It makes me wonder if these kids have to paint it to be heard because they can’t say it out loud? Do they have adults in their lives that they can turn to, adults that are there for them, adults who can be their compass points, adults who make them feel heard and give them a sense of belonging?

Probably not, and so they continue to feel that,

Hope is gone,

And they continue to


It makes me sad.


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