ATTENTION Parents: We’ve got it all backwards.

When I saw this Facebook post had received almost a 1000 likes and over 750 shares in just over 5 hours it moved me closer to understanding why it is that many parents and children today are in so much trouble. We’ve got it all backwards.

Grounded Children Points

Point systems may change behaviour but they don’t grow us up. They make me feel coerced, controlled and resentful and make me want to push back rather than co-operate. How about you?

They work against the deep relationship that we so want with our children because we use what they care about against them…and then we expect them to do what we ask with a smile and a cheerful attitude. Would you?

Grounded children make our lives miserable. Where’s the sense in that? I’ll make you suffer and then I’ll suffer alongside you. I’m only doing this because I really love you. Huh? Then we’ll do it all again tomorrow and again next week…

There is another way, a much simpler, kinder way…

Children who feel loved, honoured and respected want to follow their parents lead because it feels right, it feels good. They do what we ask because they want to, not because they have to.

There’s a big difference in that.

Just think about it.


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