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Parenting is hike, not a destination.

Sometimes ‘old’ posts are worth revisiting as they help us to regain our focus and they set us back on the path we may have strayed from. Enjoy this revisit. This morning after taking my daughter to school I decided to … Continue reading

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We all have days when things just don’t seem to go our way. Frustration builds and before you know it you find yourself cursing. Some call it cussing, some call it swearing but it all amounts to the same thing. … Continue reading

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Most times, it’s not all about me.

Welcome back! We left off my previous post where I was preparing to take my girls to one of their least favourite activities…swimming lessons. If you haven’t yet read the events leading up to where we are starting from today, … Continue reading

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I’ve had enough. I can’t keep quiet anymore. I have to put it out there.

I am frustrated. No doubt about it.  But if you were to meet me, you would probably never know it. I present as a calm sort to the outside world …that is, until you get me talking about a certain topic … Continue reading

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